850 Purchase Order Elements

Segment / Example Elements Name Description Example Values / Comments
BEG Beginning Marks the Start of PO and has identifying information  
BEG03 Purchase Number The number of this purchase order  
BEG05 Purchase Order Date The date assigned to this purchase order CCYYMMDD format
REF Reference Identification    
REF01 Reference Qualifier Indicates the type of value in REF02 IA to indicate Internal Vendor Number
REF02 Reference Identification The number being referenced The vendor number used by the purchaser
SAC Service, Promotion, Allowance, or Charge Information To request or identify a service, promotion, allowance, or charge and the associated amount or percentage  
SAC01 Allowance or Charge Indicator A code to indicate the type of allowance or charge N = no allowance
SAC04 Agency Service, Promotion A code to indicate the type of allowance OHNS = order handling for a new store
ITD Terms of Sale Specifies the terms of the sale  
ITD01 Terms Type code Code for the type of terms 05 = discount not applicable
08 = basic discount offered
ITD03 Terms Discount Percent The amount of the discount as a percentage  
ITD07 Terms Net Days The number of days until total invoice amount is due  
DTM Date/Time Reference Specifies relevant dates and times  
DTM01 Date/Time Qualifier Identifies the kind of date used in DTM02 001 = cancel after date
002 = delivery requested date
DTM02 Date The date being referenced, specified by DTM01 CCYYMMDD format
N1 Name To identify a party or organization using a code  
N101 Entity ID Code Identifies the type of party or organization BY = buying party
N102 Name The name of party or organization TSC = Tractor Supply
N103 ID Code Qualifier Identifies the type of ID code in N104 92 = assigned by buyer
N104 ID Code The code for the party or organization Four digit code to identify a store or distribution center
N3, N4 Address Information Street, City, State address information  
PO1* Baseline Item Detail Specifies most frequently used Purchase Order line item data Multiple PO segments (lines) are very common
PO101* Assigned Identification The line number  
PO102* Quantity Ordered The quantity of an item being ordered  
PO104* Unit Price The price of one unit (i.e. one item)  
PO107* Product/Service ID The buyer's identification number of the item being ordered  
PO109* Product/Service ID The vendor's identification number of the item being ordered  
PO111* Product/Service ID The UPC consumer package code The number scanned as a bar code at the store's checkout counter

*Indicates segment is located on detail level of transaction

Note: The above segments and elements are examples only and will vary from trading partner to trading partner. Refer to the trading partner's EDI Guidelines to determine the segment and element usage for a particular EDI transmission.

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