856 Advanced Ship Notice Elements

Segment / Example Elements Name Description Example Values / Comments
BSN Beginning Marks the start of an ASN and has identifying information  
BSN02 Shipment Identification A unique number assigned by the shipper for this shipment Not the same as purchase order or bill of lading number
BSN03 Date Date the shipment is sent CCYYMMDD format
BSN05 Hierarchical Structure Code Code indicating the structure of this ASN 0001 = Pick & Pack
0002 = Standard Pack
TD5 Carrier Details Specifies the carrier and routing sequence  
TD503 Identification Code Code identifying the carrier  
TD504 Transportation Method The transportation method used, vehicle A = Air
AE = Air Express
C = Consolidation
CE = Customer Pickup
L = Contract Carrier
M = Motor (common carrier)
P = Private Carrier
U = Private Parcel Service
REF Reference Identification May be used for matching the Carrier's EDI 214 Carrier Status message with this EDI 856 Ship Notice message  
REF01 Reference Identification Qualifier Indicates the type of carrier number used in REF03 A = Air
AE = Air Express
C = Consolidation
CE = Customer Pickup
L = Contract Carrier
M = Motor (common carrier)
P = Private Carrier
U = Private Parcel Service
REF02 Reference Identification The number being referenced The carrier's BOL (Bill of Lading) number
N1 Name To identify a party or organization using a code  
N101 Entity ID Code Identifies the type or party or organization ST = Ship To party
N103 ID code qualifier Identifies the type of ID code in N104 92 = assigned by buyer
N104 ID code The code for the party or organization 4 digit code to identify a store or distribution center
PRF Purchase Order Reference Contains data about the purchase order being filled by this ASN  
PRF01 Purchase Order Number The purchase order number being filled by this Advance Ship Notice Same purchase order number as on the 850 transaction
TD1 Carrier Details Specifies transportation details including community, weight, and quantity  
TD101 Packaging Code Code indicating the type of packaging 25 = Carton
31 = Carton Fiber
76 = Carbon Paper
TD102 Lading Quantity The number of shipping unites (pieces) of the lading commodity Sometimes referred to as the number of cartons shipped
PO4* Item Physical Details Specifies the packaging, weights, and dimensions  
PO401* Pack Code indicating the type of packaging  
PO414* Inner Pack The number of eaches per inner container; if inner cartons are used, this is the number of selling units within the inner cartons only  
MAN* Marks and Number Indicates identifying marks and numbers on the shipment  
MAN02* Marks and Numbers The SSCC-18 Number Sometimes referred to as the UCC-128 number
LIN* Item Identification Item identification data  
LIN02* Product/Service ID Qualifier Code identifying type of identification number used in LIN03 CB = Buyers Catalog Number
UP = UPC Consumer Package Code
LIN03* Product/Service ID The identifying number for the product or service  
SN1* Item Detail (Shipment) Specifies line-item detail for this shipment  
SN102* Number of Unites Shipped The number of units in this shipment Depends on the type of 856 structure (Pick & Pack or Standard Pack)
SN103* Unit or Basis for Measurement Code specifying the units in which the value is being expressed CA = Case
EA = Each

*Indicates segment is located on detail level of transaction

Note: The above segments and elements are examples only and will vary from trading partner to trading partner. Refer to the trading partner's EDI Guidelines to determine the segment and element usage for a particular EDI transmission.

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